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We started our wellness and lifestyle management company with your senior members in mind. Like you, we value the aging generation. But they are overlooked so often. Many health plan providers only offer them a fitness program.

But is that really all they need?

No. Your senior members need more than that. They need connection. They need health plan partners who care about their overall wellness. They need a senior wellness program that goes beyond fitness classes alone. They need a program focused solely on their specific needs.

They need you to partner with us.

Here at Encore Wellness, our goal is to keep your senior members engaged with your health plan program so they can sustain an active, healthy lifestyle in connection with others.

What Sets Our Senior Wellness Program Apart

Typical health management companies will partner with you to provide a simple fitness program that produces little engagement or engages only your healthiest and most active members. Sure, your senior members may take a class here and there, but is that really giving them what they need?

As wellness and lifestyle health plan partners, we can reach your senior members on a deeper, more authentic level, producing engagement as you’ve never seen. While other programs deliver 2-7%, our evidence-based senior wellness program produces a staggering 30+% engagement rate.

Why? Because we genuinely engage with them.

 Rather than offering your senior members a simple fitness program, we provide a comprehensive, easy-to-use, accessed-from-anywhere senior wellness program that addresses their mind, body, and soul on a single platform.

When you partner with us, your senior members can get valuable access to:

We do more than help you check off a box that says you provide a fitness program. We partner with you to improve, lengthen, and enhance the lives of your senior members with an all-encompassing wellness and lifestyle program.

We Address a Pandemic Others Don’t: Senior Loneliness

According to a 2020 study, social isolation increases an individual’s risk of dementia, heart disease, stroke, depression, anxiety, suicide, and even death. 1“Social Isolation and Loneliness in Older Adults.”https://nap.nationalacademies.org/catalog/25663/social-isolation-and-loneliness-in-older-adults-opportunities-for-the. Accessed 31 Aug. 2022. In other words, loneliness is severely harming your senior members. 

You can change that when we become health plan partners with you.

We understand the value of senior connection. That’s why one of our core services is our Encore Wellness program. Unlike any other health management company, we can contact your eligible senior members via phone, email, or text. We let them know about our incredible senior wellness program benefits and everything it offers. 

Not only that but our Encore Connect team can assist with outreach and scheduling efforts, driving engagement for these services. Plus, if they need to talk to someone about their nutrition, food insecurity, pain management, and more, they can simply give us a call. They can even call us if they’re lonely and just want someone to talk to. 

Our Encore Connect team members undergo extensive senior sensitivity training. They know how to listen and respond to your senior members with compassion and understanding. 

The connection, wellness, and life fulfillment we provide is why our engagement rates surpass every other health management company.

How We Began

Encore Wellness is the brainchild of Dr. Sheldon Zinberg, a lifelong fitness proponent and innovator. He was always seeking ways to enhance the senior population’s health, well-being, and lives. He theorized that a structured resistance program could reduce hospitalizations due to falls and fractures. Thereby, he could reduce one of the highest health care costs.

He took what he knew about improving seniors’ strength, balance, coordination, and endurance and created an unparalleled senior fitness program. After one year of putting his theories into practice, his program had some astounding results. His senior fitness members had zero fractures and medical incidents from a fall. 

But after one year, many of his senior members stopped exercising without his guidance. They didn’t like the typical gym environment. They felt out of place and ill-informed on how to keep up a healthy fitness regimen. 

In 2006, he opened a senior fitness facility focused on the aging population. This was our original Nifty after Fifty center in Downey, California. To ensure we could bring good health to more seniors, we partnered with senior medical groups and health insurance companies to provide members with Nifty’s unique, senior-focused programs.

As we opened more facilities throughout the country, we began looking toward the future of senior fitness and wellness. And when the pandemic hit, we began revolutionizing our senior wellness program. 

Our virtual Wellness Everywhere program is available to your senior members from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. We provide incredible senior-focused virtual workouts and allow your senior members to learn about general wellness practices and nutrition through educational classes. 

Between our in-person senior wellness programs, virtual health and wellness programs for seniors, and senior connection program, your senior members get what they need to live a longer, healthier, and more fulfilling life. And you can achieve more for them for a lot less money than you think.

Our Health Management Company Leaders

Following in Dr. Zinberg’s footsteps, our senior wellness program leaders take pride in providing your senior members with the best tools to improve their health and wellness.

Michael Merino

President and CEO

Rod Sled


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