Frequently Asked Questions About Encore Wellness

Find answers to your questions about our program and how it can help improve senior engagement.

Q: Isn’t it challenging to convince seniors to adopt technology?

A: It can be. But senior engagement in technology and our senior wellness program is not as difficult as you may think. Consider the following:

  • Even if your senior health plan members are resistant to technology because they’re not sure how to use it, our Encore Connect team provides them personal assistance with downloading the app and registration.
  • Every year, younger seniors turn 65. Because they’re exposed to the modern advances in our society, these younger seniors better understand how to use technology. Therefore, they tend to have higher expectations for digital amenities.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic exposed all seniors to the concept of attending virtual medical appointments and communicating with loved ones online. This opened the door for your senior health plan members to take advantage of virtual wellness opportunities for seniors like our Wellness Everywhere program.
Q: How do your Encore Wellness team members encourage senior engagement?

A: We don’t just hire individuals to work on our Encore Wellness Connect team without training them first. Your senior health plan members need to talk to someone who genuinely cares, understands, and empathizes with their needs and concerns. 

That’s why we provide comprehensive Senior Sensitivity Training to all Connect employees. Your senior health plan members will feel validated, cared for, and understood when they speak with us, increasing senior engagement in your health care plan.

Q: What is your senior engagement rate at Encore Wellness?

A: Thanks to our 17 years of experience working with the senior population and our wide array of services addressing fitness, nutrition, wellness, and loneliness, we are currently achieving an unprecedented 30+% senior engagement rate!

Q: Can the Wellness Everywhere virtual program be used in conjunction with the existing fitness benefit we provide to our senior health plan members?

A: Yes, it absolutely can. Many of our health plan clients offer an existing in-center fitness benefit for their active seniors as well as our Wellness Everywhere senior virtual wellness program. 

Your healthiest and most active members are most likely to use your fitness plan, leaving your most at-risk members unengaged. But with our Wellness Everywhere senior and lifestyle wellness program, you’ll increase engagement for these at-risk members too.

Providing both options to your senior health plan members encourages increased senior engagement. In fact, the senior engagement numbers of other in-person senior fitness programs are pretty low compared to the 30% engagement rate our program delivers. When you partner with us, your health plan engagement number will skyrocket!

Q: How much does Encore Wellness reduce disenrollment?

A: According to a study conducted by Texan Plus HMO, senior health plan members’ disenrollment rate is 34% lower if they are engaged in our health plan benefits.

Q: How much does Encore Wellness reduce the Medical Loss Ratio (MLR)?

A: The study performed by Texan Plus HMO revealed that health plans save money per member per month when analyzing all senior health plan members having at least one visit in the past calendar year.

Another interesting finding in the study showed the cost curve bends almost immediately for the health plan after their members begin their Encore Wellness benefits. These savings are a result of a decline in unnecessary PCP visits scheduled as a way to receive social connections. Once connected to Encore Wellness, they no longer desired unnecessary PCP visits.

Q: How much does it cost to enroll in Encore Wellness?

A: Our per member, per month, costs are surprisingly low. How much you pay for our senior lifestyle and wellness program depends on which services you are interested in, based on your needs.

Many of our health plan partners begin by adding our incredibly valuable virtual Wellness Everywhere program on top of the in-person fitness classes they already offer. You can always choose to add additional services at a later time. 

We provide an exceptionally high-value service that achieves excellent results, all at a low cost.

Q: How long has Encore Wellness been in business?

A: Encore Wellness has served the senior population with outstanding service since the opening of our first health center in Downey, CA, in 2006

Q: Does Encore Wellness have an app for our senior health plan members?

A: Yes, we have both an iOS and Android app for free download. That means your members can conveniently access all of their Wellness Everywhere content from any device, including a computer.

Q: Does Encore Wellness provide technical support to senior health plan members who may have problems navigating technology?

A: Yes, we do! We’ve actually found that seniors are often unaware that they already have the technology they need to connect to our programs. During our Encore Connect outreach, our team takes the time to assist your senior members with their login via a computer or app downloaded to an iOS or Android device.

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