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Improve Member Engagement With Our Online Wellness and Fitness Program 

There’s no doubt that keeping your senior health plan members active benefits you and them. Especially for the aging population, exercise can prolong their life expectancy and make their later years more fulfilling and enjoyable.

But going to a local workout facility can be overwhelming for many seniors. They get intimidated by the droves of younger people working out, making them feel uncomfortable and unwelcome. So even when they have the best intentions to stay fit and active, they end up quitting.

And this isn’t good for the physical or mental health of those who need these programs most.

Even if they have the option to attend a local facility with a senior-focused workout program, engagement still tends to be low, ranging between 2-7%.

Some seniors avoid going to a facility for safety reasons. Perhaps they don’t like to drive at night or no longer drive at all. Or maybe they’re worried about airborne illnesses.

So what do you do? How can you improve member engagement in a senior wellness and fitness program if they simply don’t want to attend?

What they need is:

✓ a program specifically designed for  seniors

✓ a program they can access from anywhere on a single simplified system

They need Wellness Everywhere.

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FACT: Providing Virtual At-Home Exercises and Wellness Programs for Seniors Improves Engagement and Member Satisfaction

Easily accessible from any location via smartphone, tablet, or computer, Wellness Everywhere makes it convenient for members to stay consistent with their program. They can participate in online senior exercise and wellness classes from the comfort of their own homes, while on vacation, or while visiting friends and family. 

You have many senior health plan members who want to stay active but don’t want to attend wellness and fitness classes at a local facility. Wellness Everywhere solves that problem by providing on-demand online senior exercise and wellness classes 24/7/365. They can also enjoy live group exercise and wellness classes and participate with others in real time.

For those members who want to stay active, it’s easy to see why this incredible national fitness network of online senior exercise classes improves engagement. (And not just a little, Encore Wellness has a 30%+ engagement rate!)

Wellness Everywhere Goes Beyond Providing Online Senior Exercise Classes

Our benefits don’t stop at providing an incredible variety of online fitness classes for seniors. Wellness Everywhere offers even more to improve member engagement and increase satisfaction.

Here at Encore Wellness, we care about your senior members’ fitness. But we also aim to do our part in educating them on proper nutrition for their aging bodies and connect with them on an individual level. 

In addition to our virtual fitness classes for seniors, Wellness Everywhere also provides:

  • one-on-one health assessment sessions via telephone or video
  • SDoH assessment with recommended health plan and/or community-based solutions
  • live and on-demand social events, meditation, educational, and hobby classes
  • fall prevention and diabetes prevention programs
  • Physical Therapy education classes from licensed physical therapists
  • access via any device through a browser or our easy to use iOS and Android app

When you partner with us, your senior members not only have access to unlimited online at-home exercises for seniors, but they also gain connection, education, and the ability to take charge of their health.

Improving Member Satisfaction and Increasing Member Engagement is Only a Click Away

our health plan members deserve more than just the option to attend fitness classes at a local gym. They deserve a senior wellness program designed to keep them active, healthy, and fulfilled for years to come. 

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