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Add Even More Value to Your Wellness Everywhere Program With Face-to-Face Options

In-Person Wellness and Fitness Support Services Designed for Seniors

In addition to our valuable virtual Wellness Everywhere program, you also have the opportunity to provide our in-person wellness and fitness support services to your senior members. While many of your members will opt for our online classes, some are interested in attending classes and programs in person.  

We know you want to keep your senior health plan members active and healthy. That’s why we provide additional options for you to choose from. From small-format classes to full-sized facilities, we can keep your senior population engaged, connected, and healthy.

Encore Essentials

Small Format Senior Fitness Training That Produces Big Results

Optimize your existing office space or medical facility while reducing MLR costs with our Encore Essentials program. We can transform any 400+ square foot room in your building into a cost-saving senior wellness space, providing additional benefits. We provide wall-mounted equipment that ensures your space can still be used for other purposes when our classes are not in session. 

Our Encore Essentials senior wellness and fitness support services include:

  • small format senior fitness classes with 4-8 participants
  • strength, cardio, and balance exercises
  • specially designed wall-mounted fitness equipment for senior fitness training
  • fun, engaging, and highly interactive group classes designed for the aging population
  • guidance from a qualified and highly trained Senior Wellness Coach
  • educational wellness and social events to help members establish and build lasting friendships

The combination of our Wellness Everywhere and Encore Essentials Programs provides your senior members everything they need to improve and maintain their wellness.



Encore Essentials 3D Floor Plan

Encore Wellness Health Centers

Large Format Wellness Centers Designed for Seniors

Many of your senior health plan members don’t want to go to a local gym for in-person fitness classes. They often feel intimidated, judged, and uncomfortable. That’s because the fitness programs offered at regular gyms and fitness centers aren’t designed for the aging population.


But when they walk into an Encore Wellness Fitness Center, they’ll immediately feel welcomed, accepted, and comfortable. Because these wellness and fitness centers are designed specifically for seniors, your members can

  • participate in fun, engaging, and highly interactive group fitness classes designed for the aging population, along with up to 15 other participants
  • complete strength, cardio, and balance exercises
  • utilize a full complement of specially-designed senior fitness training equipment
  • come to the facility for individual exercise time in addition to attending group classes
  • receive guidance from a qualified, highly-trained Senior Wellness Coach
  • attend educational wellness and social events to help members establish and build lasting friendships

With access to live and on-demand senior wellness classes through Wellness Everywhere and in-person senior wellness services at our Encore Wellness Health Centers, your senior health plan members will stay active and happily engaged in your health plan.



senior yoga class

Encore Physical Therapy

Clinical Expertise and Personalized Care For Your Senior Members

When you incorporate Encore Physical Therapy into your Encore Wellness Health Care Center, you provide an unbeatable continuum of care. Whether your member requires physical therapy to aid in treating chronic and post-surgical musculoskeletal problems, fractures, joint replacements, or balance dysfunction, we have you covered.

But Encore Physical Therapy isn’t just any PT program. It’s physical therapy for seniors, designed with a particular emphasis on orthopedic rehabilitation, soft-tissue and joint mobilization, and sports medicine.

Our team of highly trained physical therapists has extensive experience working with the senior population in various clinical settings. In addition to their professional degree and licensure, our professional team has years of expertise backing their physical therapy skills.

Each Encore Physical Therapy Center incorporates:

  • an environment designed specifically for seniors
  • specialized fitness equipment, specifically designed and clinically proven to provide optimal conditioning for mature adults
  • personalized care from expert physical therapists
  • clinical supervision during therapy sessions
  • support staff with advanced training in senior sensitivity and customer service

Our specialized physical therapy for seniors programs can help your members gain the flexibility, recovery, coordination, balance, and confidence to continue on their wellness journey. Members who complete their physical therapy program with us are often motivated to join the Encore Wellness Health Center where they attend physical therapy. 

When you combine our Encore Physical Therapy and Encore Wellness services, you produce a synergy to increase the engagement and satisfaction of your members even further. Having the ability to discharge PT patients into our wellness services can decrease the number of visits per case and repeat member authorizations for the same diagnosis. 

All of this leads to substantial financial savings for you.


senior woman getting physical therapy

Partner With Us and Watch Your Members Thrive

We know you have several options when it comes to choosing senior wellness and fitness support services. But no other health and wellness management plan has the experience and benefits we offer here at Encore Wellness. 

Don’t simply offer your senior members a discounted membership to a local gym. Give them an all-encompassing, comprehensive wellness program to improve every aspect of their life: their fitness, wellness, and social health. 

What are you waiting for?

Your chance to offer the best in senior health and wellness programs is now.