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Encore Connect

Encore Connect Reaches Seniors On a Deeper Level

Establish Strong Senior Connections and Keep Your Members Engaged in Your Health Plan

Your unengaged health plan members likely have several needs you don’t know about. Maybe they’re experiencing pain, struggling with food insecurity, or having trouble with their memory. Or perhaps they’re just really lonely. 

But how would you know about these concerns if they aren’t engaging with you? You wouldn’t. 

You may hope for engagement, wait for them to make an appointment, or contact you for assistance. Unfortunately, it’s more likely they won’t. Unmet health, wellness, and nutritional needs often have a preventable negative impact on your members’ lives.

And that leads to unsatisfied members, unfavorable health outcomes, and an increased cost to you.

Rather than waiting for them to engage, you need to connect with seniors in your health plan. And when you partner with us, you automatically get that benefit with our Encore Connect service.

How Encore Connect Strengthens Senior Connections

Encore Connect supports the three elements of health: physical, mental, and social. Our goal is to ensure your members take charge of their health and stay engaged with your health plan. We reach out to your eligible members via phone, text message, and email, building rapport and trust.

Our highly-trained team of senior connection specialists


  • inform your members of their benefits
  • actively listen using empathetic listening skills learned in Senior Sensitivity Training
  • assess their health and wellness needs
  • direct them to the appropriate service (such as our virtual Wellness Everywhere program or our in-person Encore Wellness Everywhere Health Centers

But that’s not all Encore Wellness does to connect with seniors in your health plan. With Encore Connect Enhanced, we can go beyond engaging your members in our wellness programming.  You can upgrade your service to increase engagement with your existing programs!  

These engagement calls can be customized to meet your specific needs and address your challenges. Our highly-trained call center members establish meaningful senior connections to ensure they stay active, healthy, and engaged. 

Some of the services Encore Connect Enhanced can provide include but are not limited to:

  • health risk assessment scheduling
  • high-risk disenrollment engagement
  • vaccination education and scheduling calls
  • senior loneliness connection support
  • wellness check service calls


chart wellness call results

We Value the Importance of Your Members' Social Health

Other health and wellness management companies provide benefits to meet the physical aspect of the three elements of health. But what about the other two – their mental and social health? Unfortunately, these two aspects of health are often ignored.

Studies show senior loneliness has a significant negative impact on the mental health of seniors. That’s why we do our part to keep your senior members connected and engaged. Not only do we provide outreach to your eligible members, but we also welcome incoming senior connections. 

Whether they have questions about their benefits, need help with pain management, require food assistance, or just want someone to talk to, we’re available 24/7/365.

With Encore Wellness, you can combat the senior loneliness epidemic. And you meet the needs of the other two aspects of the three elements of health: mental and social. 

Strengthen Your Connection With Senior Members With Encore Connect

When you partner with us for our Wellness Everywhere program, you automatically benefit from our Encore Connect service. Our basic senior connections program includes outreach and health assessment services and member access to our toll-free number.

If you want to connect with seniors on an even deeper level, you can opt for our Enhanced Encore Connect service. With this level of outreach, your senior members will receive more frequent communication with our Encore Connect team to meet specific program engagement needs.

No matter your option, with Encore Connect, you’ll provide your seniors with the connection, guidance, and accountability they need to support their physical, mental, and social health.

What are you waiting for?

Your chance to offer the best in senior health and wellness programs is now.